TAIPEI AMPA 2023 is ready to kick off

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Note: Creating New Rules for Success
 TAIPEI AMPA 2023: The All-in-One Sourcing Exhibition and Platform for Automotive,
Motorcycle and E-Mobility Industries. Creating New Rules for Success

One of the largest automotive trade shows in Asia – TAIPEI AMPA, AUTOTRonICS TAIPEI, and 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan 3-in-1 mega show, will be
the annual industry event that presents a comprehensive range of exhibitors from automotive and motorcycle aftermarket parts, automotive
electronics, to hardware, software, and peripherals for electric and autonomous vehicles, and electric vehicles.

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Taking place from April 12 to 15 in Taipei, the upcoming 2023 TAIPEI AMPA will focus on the latest automotive ecosystem developments,
including a look into what the future of the road looks like. TAIPEI AMPA will continue to feature automobile and motorcycle parts and
accessories, as well as a glimpse of producer’s customizing services capable of producing parts for different models around the world. New
this year is that TAIPEI AMPA will be held along with AUTOTRonICS TAIPEI and 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan, presenting the entire industry’s
present and future under one roof. Along with exhibited products, many forums, seminars, and startup activities will also combine knowledge
and experience as the industry moves forward.


Sourcing for AM and OEM parts?
While the global automotive industry had a dip in production, Taiwan saw a 30% increase in exports based on its ability to customize parts
and a heavy investment in smart production, with the United States as the largest exporting nation.

In addition, this increase coincides with a rise in demand for motorcycle and its related products, and TAIPEI AMPA will also expand its
motorcycle exhibits to accommodate this trend.


The Pioneer of E-Mobility
Taiwan is not only known for the high-quality custom manufacturing and OEM automotive aftermarket parts, but also has a strong R&D
ability of ICT industry, where you can find the suppliers of Tesla, Rivian, Lucid and Fisker. To focus on trends of C.A.S.E
Autonomous, Shared and Electrified), 2023 Taipei AMPA, AUTOTRonICS TAIPEI and 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan, three shows
consolidate IoV, EV, 5G and C-V2X as highlights, displaying the future to the automotive industry transformation.



First held in 1984, TAIPEI AMPA has become Asia’s 2nd largest automotive trade show, and also the only show in Asia that connects automobile
and motorcycle industry in one place.

TAIPEI AMPA presents the latest products of aftermarket, OEM auto parts, the trends of C.A.S.E with the latest IoV, EV, 5G applications and
solution and fleet management system (FMS) that keeps you ahead of the curve in 2023. Where you can meet the strongest industries in
Taiwan - automotive lighting, automobile electronic and auto parts aftermarket (AM) all at the show ground.

AMPA is the pioneering automotive hybrid trade fair in ASIA, which brings a satisfying purchase experience with no boundary,
no time difference, ONSITE and ONLINE.


Register NOW!! Visit Taipei AMPA in April.

Visit the TAIPEI AMPA website for more information, pre-register, and to keep up with all these innovative companies in aftermarket and
automotive electronics industries.

Ø Taipei AMPA 2023 will take place on April 12 to 15 physically at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1, Taipei, Taiwan.

Ø The virtual AMPA DigitalGO online show will take place from April 10 to 23