About Us

Infotrade Powers Up Global Trading!

Infotrade Media is a media company specializing in the field of international trade with a corporate mission that is focused on ‘introducing products, recommending suppliers and servicing buyers’. As part of our efforts to power up global trade and markets, Infotrade has always strived to obtain maximum benefit for companies in the Greater China region by offering our customers home and abroad with top notch, professional service. Infotrade has actively established close cooperative and agent relations with international media and show organizers to provide companies with comprehensive, up-to-date information on industry conditions and market changes. Infotrade has proven to be a superior promotional vehicle for Taiwan companies to boost their global exposure and a central, reliable partner to overseas buyers looking to purchase Taiwan products. 
In this age of information explosion, suppliers and purchasers have been eagerly demanding a business trading platform that offers powerful capabilities but is also convenient to use. In response to their needs, Infotrade created IMB2B.com. Drawing upon their extensive print media and international show experience, Infotrade has created a sizeable and detailed database with many powerful features including a fast and convenient interface. Focused on international trading markets and centered on the Greater China region, Infotrade has established a comprehensive global marketing network. By offering totally borderless marketing exposure 24 hours-a-day, 365 days a year throughout the world, Infotrade lets suppliers showcase the outstanding manufacturing technology and exceptional products and enables purchasers to quickly and effectively locate products in the Greater China region. In this e-generation, Infotrade packs more power into your global trading and marketing efforts!

Infotrade’s Three Powerful Services

Gather Unlimited Business Opportunities through Our Powerful Business Website
˙IMB2B.com - Has a short and simple website address that is easy to remember and search for. 
˙Searching optimization technology - Use search engine optimization technology to get the best ranking with Google, Yahoo and other web portals. 
˙Global information and reports - Constantly updated business reports from around the world helps keep you informed of the latest happenings in various industries. 
˙Bilingual platform- The trading platform offers both Chinese and English service which creates an environment free of communication barriers
˙Supplier database- Make use of the extensive and constantly updated database of suppliers and products  
˙Purchaser database - Thousands of items of accurate international purchasing data have been categorized and organized into a highly accessible database. 
˙Search function - Has search capabilities with a user-friendly interface that is both simple and convenient 
˙Web marketing plans- Use homepage ads, e-catalogs, category tables, banner ads and trading boards to gain maximum exposure for their company products and build their company image.  
˙On-line instant messaging - Skype, MSN, QQ and other online instant messaging software can be used so buyers and sellers can communicate together on-line free of charge.
˙Auto matching system - Automatically searches for matches can be conducted based on the conditions input into the system to help purchases find supplier and products matches in the shortest possible time. 
˙E-purchasing guide- Offer carefully prepared purchasing guides in electronic form for a variety of industries that are quick and convenient to browse through on-line. Concise content downloads fast and direct links set up with supplier websites.  
˙Dedicated company webpage - Suppliers can have the own dedicated company webpage where you can upload company documents, images and video at any time. 
˙Constantly updated content -Internet ads, product catalogs, e-catalogs, trading board, activity information, global intelligence reports, images, video and other web content. Frequent updates keep content fresh and appealing to buyers. 
˙Web marketing tutorial- Offers instruction on web marketing so members can familiarize themselves with the website operation methods and international marketing techniques. 
˙Diverse range of information and content -Website features a combination of articles, images and video content that heightens viewing interest. 
˙Latest bulletins -E-mails containing buyer / seller information, market updates and show bulletins are regularly sent out to interested parties.
˙Professional customer service - Offers consulting services to both buyers and sellers.
˙User friendly website links - Links set up with various international and local association websites

★ As Your Agent for International Shows, Infotrade Can Put Your Products in the Limelight
˙Participation in trade shows - Participates in tens of international and domestic trade shows each year to keep in direct contact with business decision makers. 
˙Show recruitment services - Business recruitment for international shows, create effective contact and cooperation between buyers and sellers.  
˙Organizing groups to attend shows - Transportation / accommodation / dining / travel / customs / shipping schedule arrangements
˙Show consulting services - In-depth analysis of each show’s market position, coverage and special features.  
˙Emerging market shows - Shows for new markets are added each year to take advantage of potential business opportunities
˙Combination of market information - Buyer names, market demand and other information are organized after the show and mailed to suppliers forming an effective intermediary between buyers and sellers.

★ Professional Print Media Connects You to Endless Business
Infotrade is a media company that specializes in Taiwan trade advertising. At regularly scheduled times each year, we publish English language purchasing guides for a number of major industries including motorcycles, ATVs, sporting goods, outdoor gear, tools, flowers and gardening tools. By providing buyers with up-to-date product information, we help to create endless business opportunities for them. In each publication, Infotrade offers information on international shows and profiles of exceptional companies. A wide variety of product information is also included. All this information has made it all-purpose purchasing guide for foreign buyers and an absolutely essential tool for people making global purchasing decisions.