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Note: AMPELIO is an electric scooter with eminently modern looks and content
 MV Agusta’s strategic plans include range development, but not exclusively in the direction of high performance
bikes. The next step in this development is in fact going towards extended range urban mobility with a project
that, contrary to what may appear, is perfectly in line with MV Agusta’s DNA. In effect, AMPELIO is an electric
scooter with eminently modern looks and content, yet inspired by the CGT and Ovunque models produced in
the 1950’s.

The prototype is the brainchild of Maksim Ponomarev, the Russian designer who, even before officially receiving
the assignment, had already prepared a series of sketches with a marked heritage feel. Passion for the vintage
style and the opportunity of drawing on a strongly inspiring heritage led him to reinterpret models from 70 years
ago and share his works on Balance, a product design platform on which members publish their creations.
When KYMCO saw them while surfing the net, KYMCO fells in love with them and invited Maksim to join us
and continue on this path.

KYMCO started developing the project a little more than 2 years ago. KYMCO already had a zero emissions
concept in mind. What KYMCO were missing were the time and resources to turn an idea of style into a
vehicle to be industrialised. So KYMCO started looking for an established partner in the field of electric
scooters, able to satisfy MV Agusta’s quality standards. After shortlisting and contacting several candidates,
KYMCO finally found in Taiwanese Kymco, known for the high quality of its products, the ideal partner to
bring the Ampelio scooter to life.
When it came to formalising and giving a name to the project, KYMCO initially thought of revamping some past
MV Agusta names or acronyms that were part of the company’s legacy. KYMCO could have called it Normale,
or CGT(model C Gran Turismo), or even Ovunque, which KYMCO liked but which was rather difficult to
pronounce for foreigners. KYMCO then concentrated on finding a name that would start with an “A”, a letter
that proudly featured on the tails of MV Agusta scooters in the 1950’s. In the end KYMCO opted for “Ampelio”,
partly because it reminds of “Ampere”, the unit of electric current, but also for its musicality and its easy
pronunciation at global level.