Taipei AMPA to Give Automotive Industry a Post-Pandemic Boost

   Release date: 2022-12-29     Source: AMPA    Author: TAITRA    Hits: 59    
Note: Taiwan reopened its borders in October.
 Ever since Taiwan reopened its borders in October, many foreign visitors have taken advantage and
begun planning to visit the island nation again for both tourism and business purposes. As a result of
Taipei AMPA opening buyer pre-registration in late November, many overseas buyers have already
registered to visit Asia’s top automotive trade event, and exhibitors are also taking advantage of this
visitor boost by presenting their newest products.


Scheduled to take place next April 12 to 15 in Taipei, the upcoming 2023 Taipei AMPA will focus on the latest automotive ecosystem
developments. As the top automotive trade platform in Asia, Taipei AMPA will feature automobile and motorcycle parts and accessories,
as well as a glimpse of producer’s customizing services capable of producing parts for different models around the world. Additionally,
the 2023 show will also be held with AutoTronics Taipei and E-Mobility Taiwan, presenting the entire industry’s present and future
under one roof. Along with exhibited products, many forums and seminars will also combine knowledge and experience as the industry
moves forward.


The 2023 Taipei AMPA will be the first since the opening of Taiwan’s borders, and the show scale is expected to approach
pre-pandemic levels. To date, over 600 exhibitors have registered to attend the show, and with over 1600 booth spaces occupied,
both have surpassed the total for 2022, and with over four months remaining before the start, both will continue to rise.
Additionally, with no entry restrictions imposed, arriving visitors no longer need to quarantine, and as such buyer registration
has also seen an uptick compared to recent times. To date, buyers from over 30 different nations have already pre-registered,
and the number will continue to increase as the show dates approach.


With buyer pre-registration underway, and exhibitor applications still being accepted, the 2023 Taipei AMPA is the first step towards
revitalizing Taiwan’s automotive industry as it continues its rebound from the pandemic. Exhibitors and visitors
can visit the Taipei AMPA website ( to register and attend the show next April.