TAIPEI CYCLE AND TaiSPO Physical Shows Attract Over 15,000 Visitors

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Note: TAIPEI CYCLE AND TaiSPO Physical Shows Attract Over 15,000 Visitors


With 82 business matchmaking sessions conducted and several thousand visitors having attended, both shows have now drawn to a close. Their respective DigitalGo events, meanwhile, will continue until April 8. 

 2. 台北國際自行車展(TAIPEI CYCLE)及台北國際體育用品展(TaiSPO)於3月12日圓滿落幕,線上展將持續展至4月8日。(貿協提供)

12 March 2021: Taipei, Taiwan - The 2022 editions of both TAIPEI CYCLE and TaiSPO ended with great success on Saturday March 12.
Despite the unfortunate limitation of international attendees due to ongoing travel restrictions, the two shows attracted over 15,000 visitors
across four days, while TAIPEI CYCLE alone drew in around 13,500 visitors.


This year’s shows remained international in spirit as according to organizers TAITRA, 82 business matchmaking meetings were conducted
between Taiwanese exhibitors and buyers from 20 countries including Turkey, Japan, Israel, Lithuania, Indonesia, India, Spain, France, Poland,
UAE and Bulgaria. 


While the physical shows have drawn to a close, their digital counterparts remain open to the public until April 8, providing further opportunities
for networking via business matchmaking sessions and more.


Though international exhibitors were not able to visit the physical show in person this year, physical exhibitions remain an important place for
industry professionals to exchange and acquire critical business information for potential opportunities in the global market. Notably, many of this
year’s local visitors were from automobile and ICT industries, which may suggest that ICT integration into sports and cycling industries will be
an upcoming trend.


Exhibitor Highlights

This year, both physical shows promoted exhibitors and their products with diverse activities including Business Matchmaking, Live Tour-booths
visits and TAIPEI CYCLE Live Studio!


Among the first-time exhibitors at TAIPEI CYCLE was the Taiwanese Tourism Bureau, who set up the ‘National Scenic Area Pavilion’ to promote
16 cycling routes and travels in nearby areas. The region of Ibaraki, Japan, also participated in the event for the first time in order to raise awareness
of the Tsukuba-Kasumigaura Ring-Ring Road, a scenic cycling route. 


Highlights from TaiSPO included Smart Gym, which presented fitness equipment and smart solutions from Dyaco, Johnson, LIFE SCIENCE, and
Bookfast. Aligned with the theme of sports technology and precision rehabilitation, Taiwan Smart Textile Association (TSTA) members such as
Tex-Ray showcased AiQ smart wearables and MAKALOT presented special pants that contribute to a better body shape. 


OUTDOOR Taipei presented by TAIPEI CYCLE, TaiSPO and Dirty Formosa, provided 30 gravel bikes for test rides, displayed luxury camping
equipment and a ‘glamping’ truck, and offered yoga sessions. Thermaltake, an ICT manufacturer, which participated in OUTDOOR Taipei has
booked their booth at TAIPEI CYCLE and plans to promote Thermaltake Bicycle, their new brand and service next year.


The Future of Sports Tech forum, meanwhile, invited speakers from MPS, Decathlon Taiwan, Swugo (a startup from the Netherlands), WFSGI,
Biji (Taiwan’s sports media) and Smart Motion (a company specializing in smart detection), all of whom shared their insights on innovation from the
perspectives of technology, application, and product design. This attracted a healthy audience of more than 250 individuals. TaiSPO also teamed
up with Les Mills, a world leading brand in group workouts, and offered free group sessions that drew in around 300 participants. 


Looking Ahead

TAIPEI CYCLE DigitalGo and TaiSPO DigitalGo, the shows’ virtual events, will run until April 8 and remain open to visitors from across the globe.


TAIPEI CYCLE will organize an international press conference and industry forum in the second half of the year to promote TAIPEI CYCLE 2023,
which is scheduled to take place on March 23-25. More details of this will be issued in due course.


Next year, TaiSPO will transform into Sports and Fitness Taiwan, a whole new exhibition format based on health enhancement of all ages by
presenting products related to smart and sports technology in diverse scenarios.


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