2022 Taipei AMPA & AMPA DigitalGo held hybrid in April

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Note: Pre-registration to be ready for the show!
 Motorcycle Kingdom provides customizing products

Motorcycle parts and accessories industry in Taiwan is celebrated internationally with the strength in motorcycle assembly and superior
customization, and furthermore known as “Motorcycle Kingdom”. With multiple catalogues of motorcycle parts and accessories,
manufacturers in Taiwan could almost cover the full supply chain of motorcycles, and supply for prominent car dealers like BMW.


Despite the assembly ability, the unique strength of Taiwan’s manufacturers is the diversified production in small quantities. Besides, by
integrating upstream and downstream supply chain, suppliers in Taiwan could have flexible manufacturing mode, and thus increase the
overall product value and benefits. Because of these, they could have highly customizing products to motorcycle dealers or buyers, which is
the tendency in parts and accessories field.


Catch the trend of electronic present the superior performance

Along with the trend of electronic, suppliers in Taiwan also actively dedicated to developing electric motorcycle related products and anticipating
a new era of industry. According to ITIS report, the product value of Taiwan’s electric motorcycle industry became the second largest around the
world in 2020, which indicated that manufacturers were proficient in producing not only parts and accessories, but also electric motorcycles and
related products and services domestic and abroad.


Having the ability of research and development and the complete parts producing, and supporting by the strong ICT techniques background,
manufacturers in Taiwan could have strong strength in electric motorcycle field. Holding the highest market share of electric motorcycle in Taiwan,
90 percentage of Gogoro’s suppliers are from Taiwan. It not only displays the advantages on independently produce electric motorcycles, but also
looks forward to creating an “e-Motorcycle Kingdom”.


Taipei AMPA-the first industry show contains automobile and motorcycle in the world

In order to browse the full supply chain and the excellent motorcycle products in Taiwan, Taipei AMPA is the must-attend exhibition every year. In
2022, the exhibition will be held on April 20-23 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1, and over 600 exhibitors and 1,200 booths are expected to be at
the physical show. And due to the pandemic, Taipei AMPA kicks off with a brand-new “AMPA DigitalGo” platform and will take place on April 11-24
virtually, where worldwide buyers can still meet and engage in business from afar.


Plenty of motorcycle products and motorcyclists’ accessories will be demonstrated in the Motorcycle area of 2022 Taipei AMPA. There are
exhibitors of motorcycle parts and accessories like engine, battery, brake system, battery, and so on; some noted motorcyclists’ accessories
are also on the list and looking forward to a greater scale compared to last exhibition. Such as EXUSTAR, which is known for motorcycle wear,
has already signed up for 2022 Taipei AMPA, and waiting for who are interested in accessories that are both comfortable and safe.

 Graph3 Motorcycle parts and accessories including lighting system were shown at Taipei AMPA, demo<i></i>nstrating the advantag

For buyers who could not come to exhibition, AMPA DigitalGo offers a platform that buyers could browse the exhibitors and exhibits online. With
an intuitive online interaction design, the visitors can enjoy a fruitful experience among the online booths. The multi-functional booths, including
catalogues, videos, meeting reservation and online chat function, which make exhibitors and buyers communicate more smoothly and no more
boundary interactive experience.


Besides, the matchmaking platform provides a complete database of the exhibitors online, which connect the exhibitors through AMPA DigitalGo
with the international buyers by an efficient meeting reservation and searching system, even you can’t visit Taipei AMPA in person.  


The pre-registration of 2022 Taipei AMPA is opening now. We welcome visitors who are interested in knowing the latest trend and getting to
receive first-hand industrial news to sign up for the show. Just 1-time registration for both physical and online shows! Don’t forget to pre-registration
for Taipei AMPA and AMPA DigitalGo on our official website, and mark April 11 to 24 on your calendar. Looking forward to seeing you at 2022 Taipei
AMPA and AMPA DigitalGo!