Auto State overcame pandemic and continue to receive bulk purchasing

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Note: Founded in Taiping, Taichung in 1994, Auto State Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of mot
 Founded in Taiping, Taichung in 1994, Auto State Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of motorcycle
parts & accessories and tools, which primary markets of export include Europe and the U.S.  “Overtake the Future” has long
been the corporate philosophy which Auto State has adhered to, by focusing on the market movement and fulfilling customer
demand. The product designs strive for innovation with an emphasis on high performance and lightweight aluminum. In recent
years, the Company introduced the latest CNC machining centers and various graphics drawing software to commit to the R&D
of parts and accessories for motocross and bullet bikes. Over time, the product series become more complete and state-of-the-art.


online sales growth brought by the pandemic


The 2020 annual growth of Auto State was up 20 to 30%. The beginning of the year was affected by COVID-19 as the
purchase orders for March and April significantly shrunk. The subsequent sales performance was expected to drop. However,
the purchase orders for May and June increased on contrary. By July and August, the purchase orders even exploded. Auto
State disclosed that the main sales revenue came from the increase in online purchasing, as motocross and other leisure
activities with a lower risk of cluster spreading become more popular than before. Nonetheless, as the market demand is
driven by the pandemic, the production capacity becomes more limited. Auto State claimed that the surge of mater material
costs and the rising cost of cartons plus the frequent delay in delivery from the upstream suppliers forced the lead time to
delay by 1 to 2 months. 


Auto State invested in 3D printers and robotics manipulators to speed up productivity

Since the purchase order grew by 20 to 30% and only working overtime could meet the delivery schedule, Auto State
then invested in robotics manipulators and 3D printers in 2021 to expand its production capacity. The robotic manipulators
introduced by Auto State have replaced manpower and reached a continuous production line for 24 hours a day. Due to the
complex and detailed process of CNC processing design and prototypes, which consumed labor and caused material costs
to rise, Auto State then adopted 3D printing for prototypes. After finishing the graphics, the Company can go ahead to
produce the simulated model, which not only saves time and labor but also lowers material costs and reduces wastes in
materials, increasing the benefits substantially. 


New product release at AMPA 2021: MOTOCROSS-Foot Pegs IX(ASF)

The flagship product released by Auto State at AMPA 2021 in Taipei is MOTOCROSS-Foot Pegs IX (ASF-919). The material
is lightweight aluminum alloy and stainless steel screw. The surface first undergoes polishing and then anode coloring. Auto
State also provides customized services for anode coloring. The product has been acquired the U.S. patent. The most distinct
feature of the product from other foot pegs is the tilted designs of the 30-degrees and 45-degrees angles. Auto State explained
that the weight of the feet will change according to the uphill or downhill slope, as the motocross runs over rough hills or forest
trails. The front and rear tilted surface will effectively help riders control the entire motorcycle easily and ride more safely.