2021’s First Automotive Trade Show to Begin April 14

   Release date: 2021-04-12     Source: Exhibition Dept., TAITRA    Author: Joanna Liang    Hits: 95    
Note: The 2021 Taipei AMPA and Autotronics Taipei physical trade shows will open April 14

The 2021 Taipei AMPA and Autotronics Taipei physical trade shows will open April 14, looking to extend the hot start by the virtual AMPA online to the showground. Over this 4-day (April 14 to 17) in-person event, nearly 400 exhibitors will present thousands of products to the buyers that have made the trek to Taipei in search of the newest findings the automotive industry has to offer.

As the first automotive trade show in the world this year, AMPA has garnered extra interest from exhibitors in Taiwan and the world. Nan Hoang, Bao Ruh, Caravision, Gamela, and others lead the way for domestic exhibitors, and PTT Oil (Thailand’s national petroleum corporation), Mahle (Slovenia), Rohde & Schwarz (Germany), and EMU (Japan) represent the key international exhibitors at this year’s event. With such a high profile of exhibitors, buyers from Toyota, Yamaha, TSMC, ASE Group, HAITEC, and more have registered to take part in the proceedings in search of the hottest products available at the showground, and during the online procurement meeting sessions.

Aside from the profile of exhibitors and buyers, events held at AMPA will also bring the trade show to newer heights. Foxconn, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, and more will share their latest findings in the many forums and seminars, while top auto industry blogger appearances and motorcycle fashion shows offer visitors an opportunity to see the expo in a more relaxed environment.

While Taipei AMPA is open to all, immigration and quarantine regulations have limited the ability for international visitors to attend in person; those interested in attending can sign up for our virtual AMPA online show (https://www.ampaonline.com.tw/) and take part in the showground proceedings from afar.