Start Your Journey at AMPA Online April 7

   Release date: 2021-04-12     Source: Exhibition Dept., TAITRA    Author: Joanna Liang    Hits: 88    
Note: Taipei AMPA and Autotronics Taipei opened AMPA Online today (April 7)


       Taipei AMPA and Autotronics Taipei opened AMPA online today (April 7), bringing the aspects of the in-person show to the virtual platform and providing international buyers an opportunity to take part in world’s first automotive trade show this year. In just under 6 hours since the start, nearly 1,000 visitors, some from as far as the US, Turkey, Japan, and Egypt, have logged on. Along with other emerging markets in Asia, AMPA online content has accumulated close to 16,000 views, showing the high demand in the automotive market, and preparing the stage for the in-person shows next week.

       While Taipei AMPA and Autotronics Taipei will last over 4 days from April 14 to 17, AMPA online will continue until May 6, providing users the chance to interact with nearly 500 online exhibitors and view their latest products through instant messaging and videoconferencing, and watch exclusive online content for a full month.

Mitac, Sungreat, and Eversorb highlight the top exhibitors at AMPA Online, while Symbio, Hsun Wang, and Easymotors will kick off the online events in the online Products Launch; other events such as the AMPA Tour will be available during the in-person shows. Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, MIH (a division of Foxconn), and others will present their findings at the EV and IoV Forums, available via livestream to allow viewers to participate in events taking place concurrently at the showground.

Those interested in viewing the latest automotive industry trends and experiencing the newest way to attend AMPA can sign up at the AMPA online website (