2020 Taichung Bike Week 2020
2020-09-22 ~ 2020-09-25
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  • City: Taichung City
  • Address: No. 1049, Jianxing Rd., Taichung
  • Hall: Splendor Hotel
  • Organizer: Taichung Bike Week Team

General Information

By the bike industry for the bike industry
Taichung Bike Week is different from all other bicycle trade shows. Organized by the bike industry for the bike industry, Taichung Bike Week is an OEM event, open to product managers and local suppliers, but not to the wholesalers or the general public.

Taichung Bike Week is solely for competitive OEM bicycle components producers and their high-end brand customers. The private and more informal TBW is quickly becoming the place for OEM managers to do business, and it just keeps growing as more managers and suppliers realize that the OEM event provides an accessible and affordable opportunity to increase their international market presence. If you're looking to succeed in the business of bicycles, plan to exhibit at Taichung Bike Week.

Taichung Bike Week takes place at three hotels in Taichung–The Evergreen, The Tempus and The Splendor Hotel. Each hotel can provide different sized booths and meeting rooms to meet exhibitors requirements.

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Contact Details:
Contact Person: Taichung Bike Week Team
Tel: service@taichungbikeweek.com

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