Ultrasonic Dog Repeller

model: JWD-101
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1. The JWD-101 generates a high intensity ultrasonic wave which can not be heard by humans, but can be perceive by other animals when properly used. 
2. The ultrasonic energy, around 120dB / 30cm, is intolerable and causes discomfort to animals, this ear-splitting racket becomes more severe the closer the animal approaches. 
3. Easy to operate, point the ultrasonic speaker at the approaching dog (or cat) letting him realize where the discomfort is coming from, press the button on and off continually with 2 ~ 3 seconds bursts. 
4. Be sure to continue to point the JWD-101 toward the approaching animals as the wave emission is directional and the output energy is reduced when used at an angle. 
5.Size: 8.7(L) x 5.2(W) x 3.5(D)cm.
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