JWP-316 Ultrasonic Pest / Bird Repeller

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Frequency range: 10-65 KHz Adjustable
Output: 117 dB
Consumption: 6 Watts
Coverage: 5,400 Sq. Ft. (500 Sq. meters)
(When in an open field without any obstruction, the coverage could be doubled)
1.  High-powered ultrasonic speakers emit super strong ultrasounds.
2.  JWP-Series can not only automatically change its frequency but also sweeping Speed which can changes speed 1-60 times a second. It is different from other ordinary rodent repellers which become invalid due to rodents’ and bugs’ adaptability to the sound.
3.  JWP-Series is sanitary, safe, reliable, chemical-free, environmentally friendly, and having no side effect to humans. It is a more humane way to replace any other measures that requires the use of poisons.
4.  Ultrasound frequencies between 20~65 kHz are inaudible and harmless to human beings and most of household pets; sonic frequencies under 20KHz can be used outdoors to repel birds, stray cats or dogs and wild animals.
5.  JWP-Series produces 3-dimensional ultrasonic waves to repel rodents and pests within its effective space covering any nooks in all directions, horizontally and vertically.
6.  Ultrasound does not disrupt home appliances, such as TVs, radios, computers, remote controls, hearing aids, etc.
7.  JWP-Series consumes little electricity (2W~6W) and it is suitable for long-term use.
Frequency Range: 10~65 kHz Adjustable
10~18 kHz: Wild Animals such as Pigeons, Birds, Squirrels, Deer, Monkeys, etc.
16~35 kHz: Mice, Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Bats, etc. (The frequency of our repellers can be adjusted according to human ears’ sensitivity. Frequency of or below 20 kHz is recommended for unmanned or outdoor settings.)
35~65 kHz: Fleas, Beetles, Crickets, Ticks, Bees, Borers, etc.
Applicable Locations:
1.        Flour factories, food processing factories, rice mills, pharmaceutical companies, feed processing, factories, grain barns where poisonous baits and pesticides cannot be used.
2.        Theaters, restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, hotels, and hospitals which have been plagued by the urine and noise of rodents.
3.        Grocery stores, clothes shops, food stores, furniture stores, and warehouse in which rodents and pests often cause damage by gnawing.
4.        Transformer stations, telecom rooms, computer rooms, and electric machinery rooms of factories where fire can be triggered by short circuits or ruptured electric wire by rodents.
5.        Villas, houses, or feed storage places of farm houses, ship cabins, pig farms, and henhouses.
6.        Farm, green houses, yards, lawns, gardens, balconies, plazas, barns, parking garages, garbage lots etc. where birds might nest or wild animals might hunt for food.
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