LED Strip PLCC Lightbar with Heatsink IP67

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PLCC Lightbar with Heatsink IP67
With the newly introduced PLCC Lightbar from Edison Opto, users can now fashion their own choices of lighting without the excess limitation of a lighting fixture. The PLCC Lightbar features multi-chips packaged 5050 PLCC SMDs on an extruded heat-sink 20mm (0.8”) wide and length up to 120cm (47.2”). The plastic caps at both ends of the heat-sink combine with the slim linear are designed specifically to allow easy screw-tight installation at compact spaces where traditional light source cannot fit in. And the waterproof rating can reach IP67.
Features :
■ High Brightness SMD LED
■ Low Power Requirement & Energy Efficient
■ Easily customized for length with several options
Applications :
■ Tube Light 
■ Auditorium Walkway Lighting
■ Stairway Accent Lighting
■ Cabinet Lighting
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