LED AC Module DOB 5050 Dim to warm 230V

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DOB 5050 Dim to warm 230V
Compared with DC LED modules, Edison DOB(driver on board) Series module doesn't need to connect external driver so that it can help to reduce the circuit cost and the size of luminaires. It is more convenient for luminaire design with DOB Series module. Users can adjust the brightness of LED lamps easily with Smart lighting dimming system.
Features and Benefits :
■ Internal Structure: Ceramic base Chip on BoardAluminum mirror Chip on Board
■ High efficiency and high power factor (PF>0.95) & Low THD
■ Color consistency and is compliant with 3-step / 5-step MacAdam
Description :
■ 20W_230V_90lm/W
■ CCT : 2000~3000K
■ CRI min : 90
■ Power Factor > 0.95
■ Current THD < 20%
■ Current THD < 20%
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