VIDA V50/R (New)
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Place of origin: Taiwan New Taipei City
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Updated on: 2014-12-01 14:52
Area: Taiwan New Taipei City
Prism-based Light Delivery Technology
ConVida’s patented optical system - combining advanced refractive prism lenses with innovative high power LED technology.
Different Color Temperature Settings
The color temperature of each VIDA V series lighthead can be adjusted to any of 5 settings (3500K, 4000K, 4250K, 4500K, 5000K) with a high CRI of 95, R9 94.
Optimal Brightness without Glare
This elegant, sophisticated optical system combines two types of high-powered LEDs with multiple refractive prisms to produce up to 140,000 lux of intensity without causing any discomfort, flare or glare.
VIDA V Light Gives the Surgeon Control
With the VIDA V, both focus and light intensity can easily be adjusted using the lighthead handle.
Ambient Light
GUIDE lighting provides low level white illumination and can be configured through lighting control.
Built-in Battery
Fully-charged battery operates continuously for approximately 6.5 hours*.  (*calculate on full charge, at 50% intensity)
Sleek Non-Sterile Handle
V50 lighthead is fitted with a sleek, comfortable handle that makes repositioning easy and adds a stylish elegance to any O.R. setting.
Easy-to-clean Compact Lighthead
VIDA V50 lighthead is completely sealed to prevent bio-contaminants from entering either the surgical site or the lighthead itself.
Long-life LEDs
High-efficiency LEDs have a lifetime of 50,000+ hours under normal use.
Hook for storing the power cord.
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