Ultima ST-series
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Radiolucent Coverage
Unobstructed imaging length of 1070*360mm and 100% C-Arm access achieved via reverse patient orientation or sliding function.
Sliding (ST-1751/1752, ST-1551/1552 models)
Large sliding tabletop with a total of 18" (460mm) providing maximum radiological access without patient reversing.
Patient Orientation Recognition
With one push of a remote controller button, the table movements will changeover from normal to reverse orientation.
Motorized Kidney Elevator 
Motorized kidney elevator is made of radiolucent material and facilitates lateral operations.
Electric Powered Leg Section (ST-1701/1751, ST-1501/1551 models)
One solid leg section is powered and bends downward to 105°, reducing the burden on the surgical team to remove the leg. This leg is also detachable manually to allow excellent surgical access and more legroom to surgeons during procedures.
Auto-Level Function
One push button of the hand controller that correspond to zero position of the tabletop. 
Chair Position Memory
Chair position may be called by pressing the CHAIR button on the hand controller.
Stainless Steel Enclosure
Stainless steel, frame, telescoping shrouds, side rails and base cover are easily cleaned and resist oxidization and chemicals corrosion. The base cover and shrouds are a two-section construction for easy service accessibility. 
Backup Control & Manual Foot Pump
Back up control on the top side of the column can be actuated at any time and will allow table operation in the event of primary hand controller malfunction. The movements can also be adjusted by a manual foot pump when the motor pump fails or the rechargeable batteries die. 
 Models & Technical Specifications
Ultima Model
Technical Data
ST-1701 ST-1702 ST-1751 ST-1752 ST-1501 ST-1502 ST-1551 ST-1552
Table Top, radiolucent
Head, Back, Hip, Solid Leg Head, Back, Hip, Light Two-piece Legs Head, Back, Hip, Light One-piece Leg Head, Back, Hip, Light Two-piece Legs Head, Back, Hip, Solid Leg Head, Back, Hip, Two-piece Legs Head, Back, Hip, Light One-piece Leg Head, Back, Hip, Light Two-piece Legs
Table Length
83.5” (2120mm) 81”
83.5” (2120mm) 81”
83.5” (2120mm) 81”
83.5” (2120mm)
Table Width (w/o side rails)
20.5” (520mm)
Table Width (w/ side rails)
22.6” (575mm)
Table Height, electrohydraulic
27.6” to 43.3”
(700 to 1100 mm)
22.8” to 38.6”
(580 mm to 980 mm)
Longitudinal Slide (Head/Foot), electrohydraulic
18” (460mm) Total; 8” (200mm) to Head, 10” (260mm) to Foot
18” (460mm) Total; 8” (200mm) to Head, 10” (260mm) to Foot
Patient Weight Capacity
1000lb (454 Kg) patient support, including raise/lower (centered on the column); 800lb (363 Kg) full articulation, including slide; 500lb (227 Kg) full articulation, including reverse patient orientation
Trend./R. Trend., electrohydraulic
Lateral Tilting (left/right), electrohydraulic
Head (up/down), gas spring assisted
Back, electrohydraulic
Leg Section (up/down), electric-powered, detachable 80°/ 105° - - - 80°/ 105° - - -
Leg Section (up/down), gas spring assisted, detachable 50°/90° 50°/90° 50°/90° 50°/90° 50°/90° 50°/90°
Leg Section (Open, 2 pieces), mechanical 0°~140°  - 0°~140°  - 0°~140°  - 0°~140°
Flex/Reflex, electrohydraulic 220°/110°
Kidney Elevator, electrohydraulic 4" (100 mm)
base Size (L x W)
44.8" x 20.9" (1140 x 530 mm)
Battery operation Yes 
Foot Pump operation as mechanical override
Swivel Castor Diameter
4" (100 mm)
Floor Lock, electrohydraulic Yes
Voltage Range 100V / 240VAC
ConVida Healthcare & Systems Inc. reserves the right to make changes in design or specifications at any time without notice or obligation. 
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