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King Kong Outdoor Watch (Black)W/ Wireless Soft chest belt (OP-100-B )

Product Feature:

King Kong is a powerful and confidence outdoor device for outdoor enthusiasts. King Kong outdoor watch combines real-time heart rate information with the thermometer, barometer, compass and altimeter. In addition to be an important data provider around your surroundings, King Kong will keep track of your activities to let you make correct decisions at key moments. Just like a King Kong to be with you during your outdoor activities—safety & faithful.

King Kong uses the aluminum base to make it lighter and comes in five fashion color options- Iron grey, Vigorous Blue, Champagne Gold, Passion Red and Dashing Black. King Kong is not only an outdoor waist watch but also a fashion accessory for you.
Product Specifications:

Key Features:

Digital Compass:

King Kong has a built-in bearing sensor to detect terrestrial magnetic north and indicates one of the 16 directions on the screen Directional readings can be stored in Bearing Memory and the readings can be displayed as you take subsequent readings.

The built-in altimeter provides instant altitude readings, altitude change graph, altitude differential, advanced progress recording.

Weather Mode: Barometer &Thermometer:
The built in barometer and thermometer to measure barometer pressure and weather temperature changes. This device records the barometric data for the past 24 hours and display in graph. You can easily to tell the weather condition through barometric pressure graph. A rising graph means improving weather while a falling graph means deteriorating weather.

Heart Rate Measure:
Wireless transmitter belt is provided to measure your heart rate. It displays real-time, average and maximum heart rate and set an alarm when you hear rate is over high. You can set your suitable heart rate zone for training and well contrail your body condition.
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