Heart Rate Monitor watch

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Copy - Heart Rate Monitor watch(Yellow)-FB-005 W/ Wireless Soft chest belt (FB-005-Y )

Product Feature:

FB-005 HRM watch is our classic HRM design. The customized workout plans through user setting to reach your personal workout goal. And real-time message feedback to monitor heart rate data and further calories burned. The function of memory files to let you compare your fitness result with the previous ones and to enhance your training level appropriately.

The wireless soft transmitter belt is included to detect the heart rate data and continuously display the accurate heart rate data on the screen. The textile design is to make more comfortable than ever during workout. FB-002 allows to freely select the heart rate zone you want to improve your fitness level. When your heart rate is over what you have set, it will alert you just like your virtual coach. You can set your training goals such as target time and calorie.

Product Specifications:

1.6 kinds of training intensity options manual setting 2. real-time message driung exercise: training time, calories-burned, target HR range, Average HR and Maximum HR 3. Calories burned calculation and record 4. VO2Max 5. Intensity zone indicator and heart rate over high alarm 6. Memory files contains up to 25 training results 7. Stopwatch and countdown timer 8. Low battery indicator 9. Water resistant 50M 10. EL backlight
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