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AB SLIM VIBRATOR is a new, revolutionary product designed especially 
to reduce the fat of Abs. Three points design (opening arms and 
the abdomen), to stretch by opening arms to support the abdomen.
The abdomen sustains 70% pressure from vibration, effectively in 
reacting the rebounding power when doing arms stretching exercise.

*To lose excess fat of abdomen and strengthen muscles.
*For chest expander and muscular endurance training of upper body.
*Soft TPU material to sustain the pressure from abdomen, it is 
comfortable and will not hurt skin after long term exercise.
*With digital counter for showing time, calorie, total times, and 
automatic scan functions.
*When giving press to the machine, the vibration function will be 
turned on. It can increase fun in fitness, relax the abdominal 
muscle and help the circulation in hypodermal fat.

Product size:L60W30XH12cm
Product weight: 1.5kg
DC motor 10W, need Battery AA1.5X2PC
Battery for counter: AAAX1PC
(Battery is not include)
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