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In the rapid development of high-tech today, Safety Control Cable Ind. Co adheres to the stable, harmonious and practical business philosophy, and continues to exceed the innovation, providing clients with high-quality products. We not only focus on the supply of automotive cables, but also devote ourselves to the integrated design and production of control cables, accessory plastics, rubbers and other components. We work closely with professional and technical partners within 20 km to continually improve our products and production skills, to ensure consistent operation, and win the trust of our clients. We are committed to achieving customer satisfaction by insisting on the highest quality from design to mass production and emphasizing on product customization to meet different clients' needs. We continue to innovate intelligent and automated processes to enhance production capacity and quality in order to create premium products that meet market demands and exceed client expectations. Meanwhile, we lay great emphasis on environmental protection. With the participation of all staff, we have launched a comprehensive environmental protection work and passed the ISO14001 certification, which is committed to maintaining the environment in line with the global environmental protection regulations. 創立於1960年,許瑞興工業是一家專業從事各種運輸工具的控制導線系統供應商,包括汽車、機車、船舶、農業機械等。憑藉著近60年的穩健經營,我們已成為台灣地區操控導線業的翹楚,客戶遍布全球各大OEM汽機車品牌。 在高科技快速發展的今天,許瑞興堅持著穩健、和諧、踏實的經營理念,不斷超越創新,為客戶提供優質產品。我們不僅專注於車用導線的供應,也致力於控制導線、配件塑膠、橡膠等零組件的整合設計生產,並與20公里範圍內的專業技術協力廠商緊密合作,持續提升產品及生產技能,確保產品的一貫化作業,並贏得客戶的信賴。 我們致力於達成客戶滿意,從設計到量產都堅持最高品質,並強調產品客製化,以滿足不同客戶的需求。我們不斷創新智能化自動流程,提升產能和品質,以創造符合市場需求且超越客戶期望的優質產品。同時,我們重視環境保護,在全員參與的前提下,全面展開環保工作,並通過ISO14001認證,致力於維護環境與全球環保法規接軌。 FaceBook ???? IMB2B(貿易眼國際) ???? ???? E-bike e-Magazine ???? MOTOR e-Magazine ???? 訂閱我們 ???? 我們的努力不僅為企業發展,更為社會做出貢獻,造福鄉里,服務人群,以永續發展的精神持續精益求精。
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