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Established in2004, Shian Fu Enterprise Co. Ltd has started from a local OEM firm in Taiwan to a world-famous rubber sealing total solution company to this day due to comprehensive R&D, production and Inspection capability. Our sealing compounds mainly include NBR, HNBR, FKM(or VITON), EPDM, Silicone and Neoprene. To promote production efficiency and product quality, Shian Fu Enterprise Co. Ltd introduced ERP system in order to strictly control incoming materials, production process and QC process. In addition, we continued to got several quality certificates such as ISO 9001-2015 certificate, IATF-16949-2016 certificate. Furthermore, Shian Fu Enterprise Co. Ltd is also values environmental policy in protecting Earth and taking responsibility for society, and thus in production aspect, we choose environmentally friendly materials. Shian Fu Enterprise Co.Ltd also put the concept of reducing negative impact on Earth to use as possible in management. For example, most of our products are complied with RoHS & REACH. Besides, we also got ISO-14001-2015 certificate, which is widely applied to our production and management process to reduce waste. R&D is the main core in Shian Fu Enterprise Co. Ltd. For the sake of meeting customers’ different need, Shian Fu Enterprise Co. Ltd keep trying and developing a variety of bonded technology for different rubber compounds and different metal materials, such as rubber compounds complied with US FDA food grade and that are endured low temperature environment at -40℃. In addition, our R&D team features CAD and 3D capability, so we can design and develop new product for our customers through comprehensive discussion. Our products are widely applied to machinery industry, fluid power industry, vehicle industry, medical industry, aerospace industry…etc. Not only can Shian Fu Enterprise Co.Ltd manufacture a whole international standards range of V-ring, Bonded Seal(or Dowty Seals), Gamma Seal, U-ring & wiper, rubber bonded metal for gasket, Rubber bearing Cover, but we can customize sealing rubber parts according to customers’ need. 創始於2004年,尚福企業股份有限公司由一家地區性的專業代工廠發展至今,成為一家聞名全世界的具有研發、製造與檢測能力的專業橡膠密封件全方位解決方案公司。本公司主要密封材料包括丁晴膠(NBR)、氫化丁晴膠(HNBR)、氟素橡膠(FKM or VITON)、乙丙膠(EPDM)、矽橡膠(Silicone)、氯丁橡膠(Neoprene)。 為提升生產效率、生產品質,尚福企業股份有限公司引進ERP系統,嚴格控管原物料進出、生產流程與品檢程序,並且相繼取得ISO 9001-2015、IATF-16949-2016認證。另外,在環保政策上,為保護地球、善盡企業責任,本公司不論在材料選擇或是公司本身的管理,皆以符合環保材料或是朝向減少對地球造成傷害的目標為主。本公司對於原材料的選擇,主要以符合Reach & RoHs 規範為主,在公司生產與管理方面,亦以減廢為主要目標,因此本公司也與取得ISO-14001-2015認證。 研發為本公司最關鍵的發展核心。為符合不同客戶的需求,本公司不斷嘗試與開發不同膠料與不同金屬材料的接著技術,例如符合美國FDA食品級橡膠膠料,以及可以承受-40℃環境的耐低溫橡膠膠料。此外,在產品設計開發方面,本公司的研發團隊具備CAD與3D能力,可透過與客戶討論溝通,為客戶設計、開發新橡膠產品。 本公司產品應用領域涵蓋一般機械產業、工程機械產業、流體傳動機械產業、車輛產業、醫療設備產業、航太設備產業、、、。 尚福企業股份有限公司除生產符合國際標準規格的全系列V型環(V-RING)、橡膠黏鐵華司(Bonded Seals or Dowty Seals)、防塵蓋油封(Gamma Seals)、PU U型環(PU U-ring)、橡膠防塵圈(Rubber Wiper)、橡膠黏鐵墊片(rubber bonded metal for gasket)、橡膠軸承蓋(Rubber bearing Cover)。
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