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Established in 2016, JAEGER Technology stands as a premier printing facility specializing in bespoke decals tailored for diverse industries such as cycling and sports equipment. Our breakthrough invention, the Electric Luminescent decal, earned its patent in 2018 along with the prestigious d&i awards 2018 Innovation Design Award. Redefining tradition, we seamlessly integrate electronic printing techniques with traditional bicycle sticker printing methods to infuse our decals with Electric Luminescence, ushering in innovation within convention. By introducing digital printing methodologies, we address the challenges of handling small and varied orders with meticulous attention, accommodating the creative visions of designers. As market dynamics continually evolve, we recognize the demand for small-batch, varied designs, and unique patterns—a challenge prevalent in conventional screen printing methods. Beyond the cycling industry, our clientele now spans various sports sectors, drawn to our pioneering digital printing technologies. To expand our reach, we leverage online media platforms and actively participate in industry exhibitions, enabling us to engage directly with customers and showcase our cutting-edge products.
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