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Being an agent of TAIWAN KEIHIN in Taiwan, GASOL established in 1992, which is more than 20 years since then.

In Japan, KEIHIN carburetor only applied to HonDA system. While TAIWAN KEIHIN provides those for YAMAHA / KYMCO / SANYANG ... and other modifying markets demand.

Later after entering the fuel injection system, we have developed GASOL brand modified parts in the field of fuel supply system. With manufactured experience and accumulated knowledge more than 20 years, GASOL produces high quality products.

We provide complete modified parts with "high quality" and "reasonable price" and the best performance and high standards of modified parts for fuel supply system to meet customer's needs.
Our company, GASOL, commits research and development to high-end, high efficiency intake system. In order to maintain the quality and stability, most of the products are collaborated with the factory of the creative supplier development.

We sincerely welcome you to use our products, also hope to have the opportunity to work together with the seniors of intake system to develop high-performance products.

With the rapid opening of heavy motorcycles running on freeway policy, the Company will focus on its parts development to meet various customer needs.
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