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The foundation of KMC was initiated in 1977 with the purchase of several second-hand chain manufacturing machines by KMC founder, Charles Wu.

At that time, it was the smallest chain manufacturer in the world, but with Charles' determination and professionalism coupled with superior manufacturing processes, KMC quickly became the market leader in chains.

How does a company excel at making a light weight and exceedingly strong chain that consists of over 500 pieces? At making a chain that not only shifts smoothly, but is also able to withstand the strenuous force of abrupt gear changes? At creating the most efficient chain for transferring energy through high tolerances and superior rigidity?

Concentrating on chain design and production for nearly 40 years, KMC integrates all industry demands and requirements into their thought processes to deliver enhanced product functions, sophisticated manufacturing techniques, and innovative production processes, to name a few. KMC insists on only using and developing high function and high quality products to continually create new benchmarks in the industry; this allows the KMC brand to be synonymous with chain expertise.
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