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LeeKuma is named after the President, Lee Cheng-Shiung. Lee is the surname and Kuma means "bear" in Japanese which is a homophone of "Shiung". LeeKuma is a new brand name comes with the concept "Enrich Your Life." to provide customers custom-made and diverse products.
Rubber parts play a vital role in heavy and light industries due to their wide applications such as household appliances, transportation, medical equipments, heavy machinery, electrical cables, sporting equipments, fuel carrying, aerospace and military. They are an integral component of many parts and accessories in almost all industries.
We specialize in manufacturing all kinds of rubber products like rubber hose, rubber tubing, pump hose, gas hose, heater hose, steam hose, O-Ring and variable extrusion, molding designs. Materials range from EPDM, NBR, SBR, VITON, NR, PU, PVC, SILICONE and other synthetic rubber.
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