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Established in 1993, Cheng Victory Co., Ltd. is a versatile and innovative company specializing in designing, developing and manufacturing high-quality garden tools, including water hoses, spray guns, and sprinklers, among others.
The maker claims that thanks to high quality, innovation and functionality, Cheng Victory’s products are widely welcome by customers all over the world. To lead market trend, the company develops an average of three to five new items per year to meet the latest market requirements.
One of the latest products is the new elastic “G-hose”, which is certified by the international tester SGS to withstand inner-hose water pressure to 100 to 150 PSI under prolonged use, without bursting or leakage. The length of the “G-hose” can be extended from 25 to 70-feet (the hose stays flat without water but extends when in use), and the hose storage reel for the “G-hose”, featuring easy operation and lightweight, is patented in the U.S., Taiwan and China. The company’s monthly production capacity of the new-type extendable water hoses is about 100,000 units. 
The versatile garden-tool maker also supplies a large variety of spray guns, sprinklers, timers, among others, with monthly production capacity exceeding 100,000 units.
Cheng Victory points out that it exports more than 90% of products globally, and sells the rest 10% in Taiwan. The firm supplies its products mainly on the OEM/ODM basis for international customers. Thanks to long-accumulated reputation for innovative products and good quality, the company enjoys an average of 50% growth in revenue every year, and has gradually become a major player on the international stage.
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