“Ride & Gather, All Roads Lead to Beijing and Assisting Olympic Bidding”

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Note: RideGather, All Roads Lead to Beijing and Assisting Olympic Bidding Teammates RecruitingIntroduction:Initiated by Beijin
 “Ride & Gather, All Roads Lead to Beijing and Assisting Olympic Bidding”
Teammates Recruiting



Initiated by Beijing International Cycle Expo and Beijing Cycling Festival Organizing Committee “Ride & Gather, All Roads Lead to Beijing” is a key culture activity and its long ride phase covers over 50 cities with 6 routes; while its short ride covers Beijing and adjacent cities. Cyclists will promote the “Green travel” concept and bicycle culture, assist Beijing Winter Olympic bidding along the way, and arrive in Beijing before the Cycle Expo and Cycling Festival begins. The Organizing Committee will hold Beijing Winter Olympic bidding assisting activities on the spot and encourage the interaction of cyclists, making this Cycle Expo and Cycling Festival a grand meeting for professional cyclists, traders and manufactures. 

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June, 2015
Cities Involved:
50 northern cities
Final Destination:
Beijing·Yanqing Badaling International Exhibition Center  


§   Cyclists in different cities depart at different times. The specific time is subject to the announcement of the Organizing Committee.

§   Cyclists can choose to depart from the starting point of the 6 routes that the Organizing Committee developed or join cycling teams half way. For more details please contact the staff in charge of the corresponding routes.

§   All cyclists participating in this activity must be with sound health state and adequate supplies and experienced in cycling, team leading and teamwork.

§   All participants shall love cycling culture and have a sense of club honor and mission to contribute to green travel and cycling culture.   

Long-distance ride routes:

Northeast China Route

Harbin(Flood Prevention Memorial Tower)---Shuangcheng City---Fuyu-Dehui City---Changchun City---Gongzhuling---Siping---Changtu County---Kaiyuan City---Tieling City-Shenyang City---Liaozhong County---Taian County---Panjin City Panshan County---Linghai City---Jinzhou City---Huludao City---Suizhong City---Shanhaiguan Distract---Qinhuangdao City---Funing County---Tangshan City Fengrun Distract---Yutian County---Sanhe City---Yanjiao Town---Beijing Tian’anmen-Yanqing

This ride will take 14 days approximately, covering 1398 kilometers.

Coastal Route

Qingdao City---Jiaozhou City---Gaomi City---Weifang City---Shouguang City---Binzhou City---Huanghua City---Tianjin Qingwu District---Beijing Changping District---Yanqing County

This ride will take 8 days approximately, covering 790 kilometers.

Yangze River and Hui River Route


This ride will take 10 days approximately, covering 1211 kilometers.

Central Plains Route

Zhengzhou City---Xinxiang City---Anyang City---Handan City---Xingtai City---Gaoyi County---Shijiazhuang City---Dingzhou City---Baoding City---Zhuozhou City---Beijing ChangpingDistrict---Yanqing County

This ride will take 9 days approximately, covering 826 kilometers.

Ancient Cities Route

Xi’an---Huayin City---Yuncheng City---Linfen City-the ancient city of Pingyao---Taiyuan City---Yangquan City---Shijiazhuang City---Dingzhou City---Baoding City---Dingzhou County---Zhuozhou---Macro Polo Bridge(LugouBrige) tourist area---Yanqing County

This ride will take 14 days approximately, covering 1283 kilometers.

Prairie Route

Baotou---Hohhot---Zhangjiakou---Yanqing County

This ride will take 6 days approximately, covering 628 kilometers.

Short-distance ride routes:

Cyclists from Beijing and adjacent cities ride to Beijing and then visit the Expo and vigorously participate in cultural activities and cycling activities, pushing Ride & Gather, All Roads Lead to Beijingto a new high, advocating concepts of green travel and national fitness. 


1: Green China Low-carbon Cycling Certificate (For cyclists participating in long-distance ride)

2: “Ride & Gather, All Roads Lead to Beijing and Assisting Olympic Bidding”Chivalric Order

3: Delicate commemorative gifts

4: Visit the Cycle Expo and Cycling Festival for free

Ride & Gather, All Roads Lead to Beijing Enrollment:

In order to enroll, click “read the original”—link:http://epm.coolgua.com/survey/index.html?questId=3611849113c441e29a444540696e23cd&mode=2



Beijing International Cycle Expo Wechat platform: pre-registration- Ride & Gather, All Roads Lead to Beijing enrollment 

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Official website:http://www.beijingcycle-expo.com/

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