Industry Leaders Gather—TiTE to be Held in Taichung in October

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Note: Former Chairmen of the Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers' Association Join Forces to Promote Taiwan's Image
 The first post-pandemic annual hardware industry exhibition wins acclaim from industry leaders.


Taiwan boasts over 2,300 hand tool manufacturers, with over 70% situated in central Taiwan, specifically Taichung, Changhua, and Nantou. In
the wake of the pandemic, the inaugural Taiwan International Tools & Hardware Expo (TiTE) was launched in Taichung, with a focus on "TOOLS
KINGDOM, Taiwan—the world's strongest supply chain." The Expo, which was the first of its kind in Taiwan, was supported by government
resources and led by industry associations. During the opening ceremony, the current Chairman, Mr. Jack Lai, was joined by former
honorary Chairmen, including Mr. Jian-guo Lin, Chairman of Lancer Tools, Mr. Arthur Wu, General Manager of Proxene Tools, Mr.
Hsiang-chen Yu, Chairman of Redai Precision Tools, and Mr. Hsin-te Huang, Chairman of AllPro MFG. In a remarkable collaboration, they
successfully promoted the Association's expertise and presented Taiwan's image to the world. This marks the dawn of a new era for
hardware industry exhibitions. Over 250 exhibitors from 11 countries, including Brazil, Bulgaria, China, the Czech Republic, Japan, Korea,
Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Taiwan, were featured at the event. This marked the first
time such a diverse range of exhibitors has been invited to participate, making it a truly unique occasion. With over 550 booths and
visitors from more than 42 countries, TiTE is the perfect platform for leading manufacturers to showcase their products and services,
and for global buyers to procure from a complete supply chain. This Expo is a must-attend event for anyone looking to stay ahead of
the curve in the industry.


Over 200 exhibitors have already registered for the 2023 event, making it a highly anticipated gathering for manufacturers of hand tools, machine
tools, screws and fasteners, and industrial security. Mr. Jack Lai, Chairman of the Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers' Association (THTMA), proudly
announced that the Expo is the first large-scale cross-regional event that brings together government resources and more than 20 fundamental
industry associations. By uniting the fundamental industries of Taiwan, the event aims to expand the global market and showcase Taiwan's value on
an international stage, providing an excellent platform for global marketing. The event will radiate from the industrial clusters in Central Taiwan,
shaping Taiwan into a supply chain trading hub for hardware and related industries in the Asia-Pacific region. Don't miss out on this exciting
opportunity to connect with industry leaders and explore the latest innovations in the field.


Taiwan's top tool manufacturers participate in the Expo, leading Taiwan's export value of NTD 100 billion



Chairman of THTMA, Mr. Jack Lai/Jaco International Corp

Jaco International Corporation is one of the few international manufacturers in Taiwan specializing in producing hexagonal wrenches with
specifications ranging from 0.7mm to 36mm. With a product manufacturing tolerance accuracy of 0.03mm to 0.05mm, Jaco's production
advantages include product differentiation, small quantities, diverse samples, and high customization. Jaco's products and professional hand
tools are found in various markets, including industrial, automotive, watchmaking, glassmaking, and model making. Their products are sold in
the United States, Europe, Japan, and Australia, making them a global leader in the industry.


Former Honorary Chairman of THTMA, Mr. Jian-guo Lin/Lancer Tools

Lancer Tools, the largest manufacturer in Taiwan with over six decades of professional experience, has an impressive annual production capacity
of over 35 million screwdrivers. The company's commitment to innovation has led to the development of a new patented material, SVCM+, which
sets it apart from competitors. This material boasts exceptional torque, toughness, and hardness, making it the ideal choice for professional users
due to its torque performance, which is over 20% higher than commercially available products and its wear-resistant properties.



Former Honorary Chairman of THTMA, Mr. Arthur Wu, General/Proxene Tools

based in Taiwan, Proxene Tools is proud to be one of the few manufacturers in the world that produces "digitally adjustable wrenches" and "fully
insulated adjustable wrenches." With a remarkable 25% global market share for industrial and professional grade adjustable wrenches, Proxene
Tools is at the forefront of the development trend of electric vehicles and the green electricity industry. The company has specialized and refined
its skills in traditional industry, earning numerous accolades, including Taiwan's Gold and Silver Excellence Awards, Germany's Red Dot Design
Award and iF Design Award, and Japan's G-MARK Design Award. Proxene Tools has also established a smart production line to capture a larger
global market share, leveraging excellent product quality as a competitive advantage.


Former Honorary Chairman of THTMA, Mr. Hsiang-chen Yu/Redai Precision Tools

Taiwan's intelligent hand tool industry owes much to the pioneering efforts of Mr.  Hsiang-chen Yu, who established the first socket smart
manufacturing plant, Redai Precision Tools. The company's product line includes pneumatic tools, automotive repair tools, electric vehicle
insulation tools, and a small range of hand tools. Redai Precision Tools is one of the top five OEMs for global socket tool brands, with an
impressive annual production capacity of 30 million socket tools sold in the United States, Europe, and emerging markets. The company is
also the leading enterprise for middle and high-end sockets and wrenches in Taiwan. Redai Precision Tools has been recognized for its
high-quality products with prestigious awards, such as the Taiwan Excellence Award and the German iF Design Award. Its products have
even been adopted in Formula 1 and BMW/Benz car maintenance systems, cementing Redai Precision Tools' position as a leader in
Taiwan's hand tool industry and a significant player in the international market.


Former Honorary Chairman of THTMA, Mr. Hsin-te Huang /AllProfessional MFG

AllPro, Taiwan's most renowned tin snips manufacturer, has been in the business for 40 years. The company boasts a diverse range of tin
scissors and compound spring pliers, and is the leading manufacturer of tin snips worldwide, producing up to 35% of the tin snips in the global
market, which means that one in every three tin snips is manufactured in AllPro's factory. It's no wonder they've earned the title of "tin snips
king." AllPro produces for both OEM/ODM orders and its own brand. The company has obtained numerous patents and has successfully sold
its tin snips worldwide.


The participation of these top manufacturers is a testament to the strength and competitiveness of Taiwan's hand tool industry, which plays a
crucial role in driving Taiwan's NTD100 billion export value. It also highlights Taiwan's significant position in the global hand tool market. Along
with the Tools area, the Expo has attracted a diverse range of leading global companies, including Bystronic, the top manufacturer worldwide of
sheet metal processing; Shehkai Precision, the largest professional manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel composite screws in Taiwan;
Kuani Group, the leading manufacturer of power tools; Wise Center, the top professional manufacturer of gardening tools; Machan, Taiwan's
biggest exporter of toolboxes; and Aba Locks, the pre-eminent manufacturer of locks. The 2023 TiTE will also feature the "Industrial Software
& Digital Transformation" exhibition area, a strategic move to address the increasing demand for digitalization in the industry. This area will
showcase innovative software solutions and their applications in industrial settings, providing a platform for manufacturers to find partners and
promote industrial transformation and upgrade. With over 400 exhibitors expected to be taking part, the event is set to break records as the
largest professional exhibition in Taiwan's related industries.

The exhibition will consist of seven exhibition areas, namely: 1) Tools & Related Accessories, 2) Automotive Parts, Repair Tools & Maintenance
Equipment, 3) Fasteners & Fixings, 4) Garden, Outdoor, Agricultural, & DIY, 5) metal Testing Equipment, Processing Equipment, & Industrial Safety,
6) Building & Locks, and 7) Industrial Software & Digital Transformation. For more information on how to secure a key position in the new
post-pandemic industry chain, please contact Lanza International Co. Ltd. at 02-7746-2868 (phone) or (email).