2023 TAIPEI CYCLE with global sustainability trends

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Note: The booth application opens on June 29
 TAIPEI CYCLE is one of the largest global cycling events, and TAIPEI CYCLE 2023 will hold both the
physical show and virtual event ‘TAIPEI CYCLE DigitalGo’ taking place in March 2022. Both events will
kick off on March 22, 2023, while the physical show will close on March 25, TAIPEI CYCLE DigitalGo
will conclude on April 7.


This TAIPEI CYCLE event will present five themes: Resilient Supply Chain, Digital Connections, Vibrant Innovations, Dynamic
Lifestyles, and Sustainable Moves
. As the world is gradually lifting its travel restrictions and coexisting with COVID-19, more
international visitors will come to witness the show. The booth application opens on June 29.


The global bicycle demand continues to grow due to the pandemic and climate change concerns. As Taiwan is a critical base for global
high-end bicycle production, Taiwan’s bicycle industry cares for flexible supply chain management and addresses the disruptive supply
chain issues to enhance green production. Technology also facilitates digital transformation and new business models. All these latest
trends will be on display at TAIPEI CYCLE 2023. Because Sustainable Moves will be one of the main themes, there will be a series of
activities and events that include the Green Force Workshop, TAIPEI CYCLE Green Initiatives, and Ride Together. In addition, Taipei
Cycle d&i awards will add a new Green Prize this year to encourage sustainability.


This year’s Taipei Cycle gathered well-known key industry players, the Future of Sports Tech Forum, invited speakers from MPS,
Decathlon Taiwan, Swugo (a startup from the Netherlands), WFSGI, Biji (Taiwan’s sports media), and Smart Motion (a company
specializing in smart detection). All speakers shared their insights on innovation from the perspectives of technology, application, and
product design. The collaboration video between Global Cycling Network, the largest cycling YouTuber, and TAIPEI CYCLE
received 100,000 views in 4 days. To welcome more international visitors next year, more activities and events will be launched that
will include Live Tours, TAIPEI CYCLE Live Studio, Test ride, workshop, etc. at TAIPEI CYCLE’s hybrid shows.

For more information about TAIPEI CYCLE 2023, please visit TAIPEI CYCLE’s official website at https://www.taipeicycle.com.tw/en/index.html