Tern Bicycles celebrates 5th birthday

   Release date: 2016-07-06     Source: Tern    Hits: 364    
Note: Tern celebrates five years of banner growth and charts new courses of future development, including a folding Bosch eBike.
Taipei, Taiwan — July 5th, 2016 — In only five years of business, urban transportation specialist Tern Bicycles has achieved distribution in more than 70 countries around the world, developed an award winning line of urban, performance and touring bikes, and a comprehensive collection of cycling accessories. With the recent relaunch of its global website — available in local languages for 39 countries — and over 300,000 bikes sold to date, Tern continues to claim mindshare among the world’s cycling enthusiasts. “It’s been an amazing journey so far” says Josh Hon, Founder and Team Captain of Tern. “We’re proud to help grow urban cycling, whether by supporting local cycling associations, partnering with municipal transit authorities, or simply designing bikes that people love to ride.”

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While Tern is often defined as a folding bike company, this birthday marks new directions for the brand. “Going forward," says Hon, "we’re looking to orient the company squarely within the four categories of urban cycling: folding bikes, electric bikes, cargo bikes, and urban lifestyle bikes.” After the Taipei Cycle show debut of Tern’s Roji bikes, a Japanese collection of stylish diamond frame designs, and 2015’s Xtracycle cargo bike partnership, the brand is well on its way to fulfilling its goals. 2017 promises more surprises, with a Bosch electric bike in the works, for international debut at Eurobike 2016. “Our Bosch bike is a game changer,” says Hon. “With the industry’s leading folding technology, expert manufacturing partners, and one of the best pedelec systems in the business, something of this caliber has never been done before.”

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Coincident with Tern’s growth, the landscape of urban transportation in Europe, Asia and North America is rapidly evolving. Whether considering car-capital Los Angeles’ CycLAvia bike-free weekends, flourishing bike-sharing networks around the globe, or Norway’s drive to reach zero sales of fossil fuel cars by 2025, cities around the world are ‘Copenhagenizing.’ At the same time, the technology at the heart of urban bikes is quickly developing. Electric bikes are making unprecedented headway in Europe and the United States, while new wheel-sizes and radical frame designs are jostling with bread-and-butter approaches. Bikes are getting more interesting, and people are riding more. With progress in city-planning, open minds, and bike technology comes the demand for new bicycles to fit evolving needs. According to Hon, “Riders around the world are increasingly turning to bicycles as their full-service solution to transportation. And that means cargo bikes, dependable daily riders, and electric bikes that can easily tackle 25 km commutes are needed. With our expertise in urban cycling, we’re excited to bring fresh design and inspiration to the market.” 

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