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Date 2017-02-23 to 2017-02-26
City Seoul
Address 513 Yeongdong-daero, Samseong 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Hall COEX Korea Exhibition Center
Organizer KITA & KSPO

Take your business to the next level!

- The best venue for showcasing your products and services

Every year, exhibitors from all over the world gather in Korea to showcase their sports and leisure products and services at SPOEX. Visitors can witness the latest trends in sports and leisure goods and also get a glimpse into the future of this fast-growing sector, as well as Korea’s role as the sports industry hub of Asia. In order to effectively connect businesses with potential partners, the SPOEX Secretariat is fully committed to providing as many marketing opportunities as possible to the event’s participating domestic and overseas buyers.

A remarkable trade show that shapes trends in sports and leisure goods

- SPOEX is a leading sports and leisure exhibition, which attracts more than 60,000 visitors from in and out of Korea each year. The exhibition also features numerous side events including the Outdoor Show, Bike Show, and the Water Sports Show.

- SPOEX was approved by the UFI in 2005 and has also been designated as a "Promising International Show" by Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.
An ideal platform for promoting products and services to media outlets

-  Participation in SPOEX can help your company gain media exposure, as the event has been covered more than 600 times by major broadcasting companies, radio programs, and daily newspapers.

-  Moreover, we can provide marketing support for exhibitors through professional PR agencies.

-  We also offer an efficient business environment for participating companies by organizing concurrent events such as the Seoul International Sports Industry Forum, Climbing Festival, seminars on related topics, and live demonstrations of products on display.

Review of SPOEX 2016


-   Domestic exhibitors: 381

-   Domestic booths: 1516

-   Domestic visitors: 61357

-   Overseas exhibitors: 45

-   Overseas booths: 92

-   Overseas visitors: 528

-   Total exhibitors: 426

-   Total booths: 1608

-   Total visitors: 61885

Concurrent Seminars and Events


-  SPOEX 1:1 business meetings

-  Seoul International Sports Industry Forum

-  Ifit Fitness Convention

-  Korea Underwater Association (KUSPO) Seminar


-  SPOEX Cup Fitness Competition(WFF)

-  SPOEX Climbing Festival

-  SPOEX Caravaning Rally

-  SPOEX New Launching Show

-  Underwater Sports Photo Gallery by KUSPO

 Exhibitors at SPOEX 2016 

-  Health & Fitness 27.7%

-  Camping Cars 19.5%

-  KUSPO/Water Sports 14.1%

-  Bikes 13.9%

-  Outdoor/Camping 12.7%

-  General Sporting Goods 12.1%

 Visitors’ Key Areas of Interest

 -   Health & Fitness 22.5%

-    Camping & Outdoor Goods 16.7%

-    General Sporting Goods 14.5%

-    Water Sports 12.5%

-    Bikes 11.7%

-    Camping Cars 9.0%

-    Extreme Sports/Leisure 6.3%

-    Others 2.0%

Occupational Category of Visitors

-    Manufacturer 29.0%

-    Retailer/Department Store 20.5%

-    Wholesaler/Distributor 12.3%

-     Press 9.7%

-     importer 8.3%

-     Club/Sports Organization 5.9%

-     Others 9.3%

International Visitors

 -  Asia 43%

-   Others 21.9%

-   Europe 12.9%

-   North America 10.9%

-   Africa 4.6%

-   Middle East 3.5%

-   Latin America 2.5%

-   Oceania 0.8%

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