Agri Myanmar 2016

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Date 2016-09-28 to 2016-09-30
City Yangon
Address Myanmar Convention Center (MCC), Yangon, Myanmar
Hall Myanmar Convention Center (MCC)
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Agri Myanmar 2016 -The 2nd International Exhibition and Conference on Agriculture for Myanmar

  General infomation

Exhibition Title:        Agri Myanmar 2016
Subtitle:                     The 2nd International Exhibition and Conference on Agriculture for Myanmar
Date:                           28-30 September 2016
Opening hours:         9.00 am – 17.00 pm
Place:                         Myanmar Convention Center (MCC)-Min Dhama Street, 
Mayangon Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Net Space:                 2000 sqm
Estimated Exhibitors:     100  (Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA, Indonesia, India, Korea, Thailand, etc)
Estimated Visitors:          5000 Trade and Professional Visitors  (Free Entrance)

Why Myanmar: 

Country general information:
-       The largest country in South East Asia
-       Total land area   676,578 km2
-       Population   60.38 million
-       Land borders with Bangladesh, China, India, Laos, and Thailand
-       about 75 %  rural population
-       Total labor force 18 million ( 70% engaged in Agriculture sector)

Agriculture dominates the economy of Myanmar. While estimates vary, the sector contributes 43% to GDP and employs 70% of the working population, according to the World Bank. With rich soil and a diverse climate, the country has suitable agricultural conditions, with fertile lowlands in the Irrawaddy basin, rainforests, the so-called “Dry Zone”, and highlands and mountains. Myanmar is especially known for its rice, teak and mangoes, but it also produces rubber, oil seeds, cotton, corn, chillies and pulses. A total of 60 crops are grown in Myanmar, Rice dominates in terms of hectares utilized (52%), followed by oil crops (21%), pulses (16%) and industrial crops (7%).

On 22 October, 2014,the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is providing US$18.7 million to finance the Fostering Agricultural Revitalization in Myanmar Project. The project will develop a sustainable model for smallholder agriculture and rural development for Myanmar’s central dry zone. As more and more capital is invested in agriculture, and as further technology and equipment are imported, the sector will become increasingly efficient and productive. It is very possible, given Myanmar’s unusually fertile lands, that agriculture remain important pillar of the economy for years to come.

Agri Myanmar 2016 is the response to the recognition of huge investing opportunities in agrochemical and crop care industry which collaborates with agriculture. The tradeshow will provide a useful commercial platform for exhibitors and visitors from all related fields to cooperate and build up a firm position for their business in the growing market of Myanmar.


Agrochemicals & Crop Protection Products

Agriculture Chemicals: Chemical Pesticides & Intermediates (Pesticides, Bactericides, Herbicides,...); Biopesticides, Ecological Pesticides, Agriculture Chemical Production & Processing Technologies

Chemical Fertilizers: Nitrogen Fertilizers, Potash Fertilizers, Phosphate Fertilizers, Compound Fertilizers,...New Special Fertilizers (Seaweed Fertilizers, Biological Fertilizers, Foliage Fertilizers, Slow Release Fertilizers, Trace Element Fertilizers, Humid Acid Fertilizers,..

Crop Protection & Biotechnology: Plant Growth Regulators, Transgenic Products, Soil Additives, Nutritional Agents, Turf

Agriculture Mechanical Equipments

Agriculture Mechanical Equipments

Preliminary processing equipments

Tillage, sowing and planting machinery

Crop Production machinery

Harvesting Machinery

Power / Wrapping Machinery

Agricultural materials handling machinery

Agriculture Mechanical Accessories

Fertilization Related Mechanical Equipments

Agrochemical Product Production Equipments

Agriculture and Sideline Product Processing

Forage Choppers

Electronics/ Precision Farming/ Agricultural Software

Storage and Conservation of Harvest Products

Agriculture Plastic Products

Components/ Spare Parts

Transport Vehicles/ Logistics

Environment Protection Equipments

Spray/ Irrigation/ Sprinkler Irrigation Equipments

Waste Water and Waste Residue Treatment Technologies and Equipments

Used Machinery Trade


 Agrochemical wholesalers & Retailers

Chemical Products importers & Exporters

Mass Agrochemical Product Users

Mass Agrochemical Technology Users

New Agriculture Product & Technology Applied Organizations

Terminal Users of New Agriculture Products & Technology

Farmers, Agriculturists & Agronomists

Entrepreneurs, Farm Contractors

Engineers & Technicians

Investors and Bankers

Registration Agency and Consultant

Agriculture Department

Agro Producers

Universities and Research Institutions

Government Representatives

Related Correlative Enterprises & Organizations


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