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model: TO-198 Patented Product
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 Changes to work and living habits mean we spend more and more time in a sitting position. If posture is incorrect this can cause deterioration in pelvic shape and structure and an increase in fatty tissue in the outer thigh region. The pelvis is the center of the body’s joint structure; it is in fact the largest joint and the easiest to suffer injury. The pelvis has no muscle component to control movement because the muscles that are attached to it primarily control the spine and thighs. Thus any damage to the pelvic joint will also have an effect on muscular function of the spine and the thighs. Actually the majority of lower back and spinal pain comes from problems within the pelvis. Pelvic injury is very common and pregnancy, over-weight, bad habits, lack of exercise, collision, falling over, sports injuries (especially golf), and bad sitting habits (crossing legs) can all cause changes to the shape of the pelvis. With our unique Healthcare Slim Rotary Cushion you only need to sit down to correct pelvic problems and improve body shape in the lower abdomen. It can be used at home a few times a day to improve pelvic shape. The central hole in the cushion helps disperse body weight thus relieving stress on the pelvis and adjusting the body shape in a natural manner. Regular use at home can be as effective as physiotherapy or acupuncture. The pelvic area of women will commonly broaden over time. However by using the Rotary Cushion in combination with body weight a reverse effect can be seen as shown by the arrows in the picture above. No matter if you are working, eating or relaxing if you are using the Slim Rotary Cushion you can help fight “middle age spread” without even leaving your chair! *Cushion detaches from base for ease of cleaning *Maximum load of 120 kgs * Cushion diameter 43 cm *Patented in Japan, Taiwan, USA, UK, Germany, Korea, China
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