Electronic Flow Meter Water Timer

model: WF-7LCD(U.S)
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Deliver: In days
Area: Taiwan Taichung City
Expiry: Long-term
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 Yi Zuo water timer has a removable body for easy setting from your favorite place.
Best waterproof character 
Swivel nut for easy connection
Running water pressure: 10~145 PSI
Operating temperature: 5-50 degree
Equipped with solenoid valve.
Batteries: one 9V alkaline battery that can last up to one year.
Tap/Faucet connector: 3/4”
Hose connector: 3/4”
Manual on/off allowed
Electronic water timer with innovated flow volume control program
Control the volume that should be watering in the specific time
Digital display indicates program steps & wide selections of frequencies for watering schedules
Weekdays watering period freely selectable
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