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 The V-RING seal is a unique all-rubber seal for rotary shafts.

The V-Ring seal is the perfect seal to prevent the ingress of dirt, dust,water or combinations of these media while positively retaining grease.
The V-Ring seal unique design and performance the V-Ring seal can be used with a wide range of bearing types. It can also be used as a secondary seal to protect primary seals that do not perform well in hostile environments.

Description and advantages

The V-Ring seal is normally stretched and mounted directly on the shaft, where it is held in position by the inherent tension of the rubber body.It rotates with the shaft and seals axially against a stationary counterface, perpendicular to the shaft. The counterface can be the side wall of a bearing or a washer, stamping, bearing housing, or even the metal case of an oil seal. The sealing lip is flexible and applies only a relatively light contact pressure against the counter-face and yet is still sufficient to maintain the sealing function. The low contact pressure (that varies with the fitted width) allows the seal to run dry in many applications.

V-Rings are made entirely of rubber without fabric or sheet metal reinforcement. They are, therefore, particularly easy to install. V-Rings can be stretched and, depending on size, installed over flanges, pulleys and bearing housings without costly dismantling. For larger sizes they can even be supplied as cut rings and joined by vulcanisation on site.

When selecting the correct rubber compound it is necessary to take the following requirements into account:
- good chemical resistance
- good resistance to high and low temperatures
- good resistance to ozone and weathering
- It is also necessary to consider the need for the following attributes:
- high resistance to wear
- low friction
- low compression set
- good elasticity

he most frequently selected material is the purpose made Nitrile rubber which has excellent allround properties.
For applications with temperatures above 100°C, or in chemically aggressive conditions, V-Rings made of fluorinated rubber (FKM) can be supplied. In fact a wide range of rubber compounds is available and some of these are listed below.

V-ring seal are available in a choice of materials including:


Type of Rubber





For general use



Low friction



Resistanct Ozone



Very high temperature and chemical resistance

Ethylene Propylene


Good weather and ozone resistance, used with special chemicals such as acetone, am-monium carbonate and benzaldehyde



For applications in the presence of ozone

Hydrogenated Nitrile


Hypoid oils at high temp.

Silicone Rubber


It has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, ozone resistance and atmospheric aging resistance. Has good electrical insulation properties.


The style of the V-ring seal is as follows:


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