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 Bonded Seals represent a combination of metal washer and elastomer sealing lip vulcanised to the edge of the metal part to seal bolted connections and mounting el-ements in all industrial applications  e.g. pipe connections and couplings. 

When the bolted connection is tightened, the sealing lip is pressed against the flat surfaces. The metal washer ensures that the components to be con-nected are reliably and securely held. The thickness of the washer limits the compression of the elastomer seal, eliminates any over torque of the joint, thereby ensuring a reliable sealing system. The internal pressure increases the sealing force by energising the sealing lip.

Product Advantages :

- Cost effective solution for bolt/thread sealing
- Versatile, applicable to all threaded bolts, studs and clearance holes
- Sealing washers are available for metric, Whitworth and BSP threads
- Large range of elastomers and metals available
- Wide temperature range
- Reliable high and low pressure sealing
- metall washer prevents over -compression and extrusion - Usable for overhead installation
- Can be automatically installed
- Seals to plane surfaces with no housing for the sealing lip
- Visible from the outside
- No sweating
- metal washer with vulcanised sealing body of rubber for sealing of bolt heads and flanges 
- All European thread sizes available

BS / GM500 / U-Seal 
- Can be used to seal clearance or tapped holes in gen-eral engineering using a wide range of different bolts
- Can be used on flat flanges or with recessed bolt holes

SCR / GM500 self-centering
- Concentrically located
- Positively retained
- Ability to pre-assemble
- Ease of assembly
- All European thread sizes available

GM1000 Sealing Ring
- Good sealing function with a low tightening moment - No need of a countersink to center 
the seal, this is achieved thanks to the design of the sealing lip
- Mostly used together with metric bolts with hexagonal  headsasper DIN specification
- On request GM 1000 can also be made for inch  threadsaswellasfor specialbolt

GM2000 Sealing Ring
- Rubber to metal bonded seal with specially designed sealing lip for threads and nuts
- No need of a countersink to center the seal, this is achieved thanks to the design of the sealing lip
- The seal prevents leakage by sealing in the thread 
- The three contact lips of the rubber body seal the thread to nut and machine component
- Positively retained
- Mostly used together with hexagonal nuts as per DIN specification as well as for threaded connectors and adjusting screws

KDS Sealing Ring
- Rubber and metal bondeding, EO-3 soft sealing ring for Banjo Fitting.
- EO-3 is an innovative Parker flareless fitting for metric tubing similar to the EO and EO-2 series.
The EO3 flareless fitting system utilizes a visual indicator to prevent leakage due to inadequate 
or over-tightening, allowing the user more control to make high-quality, fast connections.

The style of the BonDED SEAL is as follows:


Bonded seals are available in a choice of materials including :

Rubber Material


metal Material


Surface Treatment



Carbon Steel  / 270N/mm2





Stainless Steel 304





Stainless Steel 316





Aluminum #5052







Cobalt plating





Tinne Plating



Carbon Steel  / 540N/mm2

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