Tree Guard A for Sapling

Model: TGSapling-A
Price: N/A
Min quantity: 5000 件
Quantity: 10000 件
Deliver: In 75 days
Area: Taiwan Taoyuan City
Expiry: Long-term
Edit time: 2024-06-07 10:05
Hits: 47
Material: PP corrugated
Thickness : 2 mm
Product Size: 10 cm L x 40 cm H ( PP board size : 30 cm x 40 cm)
Color: Fuchsia
Product Shape (after PP board Folded): Triangle Prism

# Feature :
1. Translucent polypropylene design provides sufficient light for young seedlings. Also, prevent the seedlings from being damaged by wind and rain, which can keep warm.
2. Prevent direct sunlight, reflect excess sunlight, and protect seedlings from exposure.
3. Prevent the sapling from being accidentally injured when the machine is cleaning weeds.
4. Prevent damage to saplings when spraying pesticides.
5. The most important thing is to prevent the seedlings from being eaten by animals during the seedling period, resulting in seedling death.
6. Various colors can be customized according to the local natural environment, more eye-catching
7. Using die-cut method, it let the product be easy to assemble.
(*The product does not include wooden sticks). 
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