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A Simple Braking Action

1. When the brake lever is not pressed


2. When the brake lever is pressed,
you brake the rear wheel first.


3. Then you brake the front wheel.


Both sides of hand brakes are designed this way!

Existing Braking Systems and Their Problems

In order to solve the problem that the current braking system still cannot solve, taking the ABS braking system as an example, the ABS Braking System stops the front wheel from getting locked up to prevent rollover accidents and causes too long braking distance. The CBS Braking System does not strengthen the front wheel braking force, but extends the braking distance.This braking system is the system that is connected to both the front wheel and the rear wheel brakes and it is able to brake automatically in the most professional way:First brake the rear wheel and then brake the front wheel. The front-to-back braking force ratio is 7: 3.
It has the effect of preventing rollover accidents and effectively shortening the braking distance. The mechanical braking device connects both the front and rear wheel brakes, so that the average person can easily brake the bicycle in a correct way.To stop, just press the brake levers.

Double Combined Braking System DCBS
Brake and stop instantly  Protection for Eternity

Brake the rear wheel first and
then the front wheel.
The ratio of the front to rear wheel
braking force is 7:3.
It takes only one action to stop safely.
Low Costs:
Its costs are not much different from
those of the current braking devices.
High Efficiency:
Its braking effect is comparable to
ABS and CBS.
High Compatibility:
It can be installed on
all two-wheeled vehicles.

Core Technologies


If you brake the front wheel first,
the forward momentum tu turns into angular mon - Rollover

If you brake the rear wheel first,
the rear whee bec comes the fulcrum.When h t hrnivicgus forre pasela momentum is generated. - Safe

Time Differenc in control
The Time lag of 0.1 second bettwcenthe action produc ees the bestmfect and it is the saf fest onew with the knowledge of the compoun ind pendulum formula.

Requirements for safe braking
Brake the rear wheel first and then brake the front wheel in 0.1 second so the front wheel braking force is strong enough.The front to back braking force ratio is 7:3.

Braking force is related to the brake lines displacement.
The safest way to brake is to brake the rear wheel first, but the AL of the real wheel that you brake first should be less than the AL of the front wheel that you brake later so as to achieve the purpose that the braking force of the front wheel is stronger than that of the rear wheel in the end.

Complete Patent Layout
Full protection for various possible applications such as levers, Bascar and gear ratios.

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