Wheat Germ

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Area: Taiwan Tainan City
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Features :
1.Fresh wheat germ and shrimp meal greatly increase Koi appetite in low water temperatures.
2.Astaxanthin and organic minerals enhance anti-oxidation and result in more brilliant and vibrant scale colors.
3.Enriched nucleotide increases Koi immunity.
4.Easily digested and reduces water contamination.
Premium Fish Meal、Krill Meal、Wheat Germ、Yeast Powder、Lecithin、Soybean Protein, Wheat Flour、Fish Oil、Astaxanthin、Stabilized Vitamin C、Vitamin A、Vitamin D3、Vitamin E、Copper Proteinate、Iron Proteinate、Selenium、Zinc Proteinate、Manganese Proteinate、Antioxidant.
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