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  RAE-01-D is an e-bike for road and gravel riding. For E-road we feel it makes
sense to have comfort geometry. The riders looking for this type of bike are not
hardcore roadies, so they will enjoy a forgiving geometry, therefore we base the
geometry on our XA-02-D platform. The option of using bigger tires makes it
super comfortable to ride on road, and a good option for venturing off-road as
well. This frame has precise and sharp handling. Although the geometry allows
for any gravel fork, we suggest using our open mold FK-03-D.

Fazua is a smart e system. Battery and motor are combined in one cartridge. The part that
some people confuse for the motor at the crank is actually a gearbox, transferring motor
power to the crank.
Because this aluminum frame has a big hole for the battery, we developed a double
chamber tube, ensuring the strength and stiffness is not compromised.
Perfect for:
• Riders who need a little push from time to time. Keep up easily on those climbs
• Riders who want to push their speed off-road.
Up to 700x35c tires can also be used. 700x32c for fender usage.
Cable routing
Because the bigger down tube we have to opportunity to run the cables through the head
tube. Front and back the cables go through a hole in the head tube ensuring cables are not
interfering with the fork steerer.
For e supported bikes, we support using 1x systems. We feel the e-system picks up any of
the gaps in gear ratios, and it makes the riding experience for much more simple with less
fuzz. This frame has enough clearance for up to 50T chainring.
Total of 4 bottles can be placed on the frame, including 2x on fork. There are mounting
points for a small rack and fenders. There are bosses for a toptube bag.

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