Super Tech-LED (JC-2129)

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JCOOL have developed the ideal multi tool for your cycling workshop. Its a mini ratchet tool, with a removable head design to provide screwdriver functionality and it has a removeable LED working light giving 9 lumens of clean white light. It’s fully CNC machined and comes with 8 bits that should allow you to tighten or updat a range of fixings on your road or mountain bike. When you screw off the end cap there is storage space in the handle for the bits so they don’t get mislaid or lost while you’re busy working on your bike. The LED light screws on the base of the tool. With a weight of 180g and a 18.3cm length (complete with the light) this tool has being designed to allow ergonomic use by almost anyone. Made from 6061 grade aluminium because of its strength and lightweight properties we think this tool is a must for all cyclists. Its high polish and anodised finish just make it modern and stylish and you'll be impressed with the weight balance when using the Super tech tool.

Color : Black / Blue / Red / Silver / Cray
*. Fully CNC machined
*. Mini Ratchet moveable head design
*. Screw Driver functional
*. 8 Bits included (3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/PH1/SL4/T25/T30)

Working Light
White light : 9 Lumens
Normal : 15Hrs
Modes : ON / OFF / MAX POWER (Press the lens for 3 seconds)
Length : 151mm (w/o: LED light)
LED length : 32mm
Weight :176g
Battery: LR-44 x 3
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