Individual Torque Sleeve

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Torque Sleeve
3Nm (JC-5052)
4Nm (JC-5069)
5Nm (JC-5076)
6Nm (JC-5083)

The fantastic JCOOL pre-set Torque Sleeves add the icing on the JCOOL cake.
Currently included in the range are: 3Nm, 4Nm, 5Nm & 6Nm pre-set sleeves.
Simply put the sleeve in position on the tool of choice and then insert your reqired bit into the torque sleeve.
Tighten as usual and at the pre-set tolerance the tool will simply slip in the sleeve thus making it impossible to over tighten the bolt or screw you are working on.
These are a great investment for anyone with any carbon components on their bike requiring any of these pre-set tolerances.
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