Torque Sleeve Tool Sets

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The JCOOL Mini Ratchet and Torque Set incorporates the MRC or MRF tool plus a 4Nm and 5Nm torque sleeve. With the main ratchet being smaller than your index finger, 
it comes with 10 bits.
Simply put the sleeve in position on the ratchet tool and then insert your required bit into the torque sleeve.
Tighten as usual and at the pre-set tolerance the tool will simply slip in the sleeve thus making it impossible to over tighten the bolt or screw you are working on.
The tool is the perfect companion for all riders with carbon components who want to have a portable, super cool tool set and feel they deserve the treat. 

Torque Sleeve Tool Set
MRC JC-2242 / MRF JC-2259

1 x Mini Ratchet Tool (MRC/MRF Optional)
2 x Torque Sleeve included (3.0Nm/4.0Nm/5.0Nm/6.0Nm Optional)
10 x Bit included

TS Pouch Set
JC - 2372

With X I mini tool pouch included
1 x Mini Ratchet Tool (MRC/MRF Optional)
2 x Torque Sleeve included (3.0Nm/4.0Nm/5.0Nm/6.0Nm Optional)
10 x Bit included
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