MB Clutch Yellow Type

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1.   Generally known as hard-skin clutch, it is made of metal sintered material and contains high-composite metal friction material which can effectively withstand the high heat generated by the friction of the shoe.

2.    The friction of the high composite metal sintered material is more than twice that of the general high pressure molded material, so it can generate higher friction in a short time to withstand higher instantaneous joint strength.

3.    Keep the clutch engagement time shorter and there will be no slippage caused by the clutch half-engagement. This type of clutch is more suitable for vehicles with large horsepower or large engine changes.

Precautions :

1.    The titanium version of the clutch is noisy.

2.    It is not suitable for use with textured or embossed bell housings which may shorten the use time of products.


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