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Name:Bike Traveler
Weight: Approx 9.6 kgs.
Size:120X 92(tallest)X26cm
Function:Bike Carrier
Materials:EVA、Nylon、polyester omega de ville replica
Bike Traveler evolution is designed to optimize load, safety, comfort and handling during traveling.  The Bike Traveler is moulded to fit most road, touring and mountain bikes in a secure "locked" position to reduce damage whilst in transit.
EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) has high impact strength and good tear/abrasion resistance making it an ideal construction method for the Bike Traveler.
The "Clam Shell" is designed as a reinforced closure system with three locks, which can  also enable it to be fully opened for ease of stowing the bike.  
●Bike type:
✔Mountain bike(frame size 20 inches and below)
✔Road Bike(L size and below)
✔Cross Country Bike 21 inches and below
✔All of above types' front and back wheels can be quick released except the extreme large size
(Attention:Few large sizes such as ISP, its frame and chaining will need to remove in order to be fitted in.)
●The bike wheels can be locked in position using quick release skewers. 
●Closed with industrial strength zips and backed up by quick release buckles
●Strong, Omnidirectional Wheels for ease of carrying and move.  Conform the pod includs foam tubes, quick release skewers, fixing belts, sufficicent padding to protect your frame, the lock, and the bike wheels in a safety position swiss replica watches uk.  
●Shipping method:
✔CRV can carry upto 2 Bike Travelers(Solio can carry upto four Bike Travelers)。
✔Compact or mid-size car will need to spare the space between the trunk and back seat to well storage the Bike Travelers; or place on the back seats if adjusting space.
✔The hard case with wheels represents the safest and most practical way to transport your bike especially during the flight. 
✔Motorbike is not allowed to carry Bike Traveler.
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