Floor Type Wheel Building Stand

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Floor Type Wheel Building Stand
CM-T2 is a working table for bicycle and motorcycle wheel assembly. With adjustable support arm, it is suitable for variety of wheel size. And, with rotateable roller, SEALS CM-T2 provides easier nipple lacing operation. By adopting SEALS CM-A1 automatic nippler feeder, it can improve wheel nipple and spoke lacing speed up to 320 rims per eight hours. Meanwhile, SEALS CM-T3, stand for nipple feeder is also for option.
Wheel Lacing Stand
1. Rim dimension adjustment.
2. Provided with one small and one big spoke tray, suitable for various sizes of Rim.
3. Nipple Storing Case.
4. Hub Height Adjusting Stud.
5. Rim Placing Height Adjusting Point.
Suitable for 8" ~ 30" Rim.
Suitable for bicycle and motorcycle Rims.
Height adjustment range: H64 ~ H74 cm.
Hub loading FRP Mode can be replaced for different type.
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Automatic Nipple Feeder for Bicycle Rim Floor Type Wheel Building Stand