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 Size Part No       Weight(g)
140 D2P-1-140-XX  84
160 D2P-1-160-XX  99
180 D2P-1-180-XX  111
203 D2P-1-203-XX  135
100% Guaranteed TRUE FLOATING rotor. Floating means that the braking ring leg is free to pivot around the attachment pin to compensate for localized expansion of the ring and hence prevent buckling. Most manufactures use single piece rivet assembly, but in 99% of cases the necessary distortion of pin in riveting process closes the clearance between the components and hence makes the assembly fixed. With the LEGION’s patented spring-pin design the pin is NOT RIVETED, thereby guaranteeing floating action. Additionally the none-rivet assembly induces no stresses between the components and guarantees flatness.
D-DRIVE: with the Direct Drive system the outer and inner sections are “dove-tailed” together. The unique design significantly reduces the stresses in the fixing pin and allows highly conductive aluminum to be used, improving heat transfer from the outer ring.
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