Deep Hole Drilling Machine - for Round Bar Two SpindleGundrilling Machine

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For Round Bar Two SpindleGundrilling Machine
The machine is suitable for car parts, round bars, tubes, and shafts.
Feed is controlled by servo motor with ball screw. Which enables easy setting and high precision.
Short loading/unloading time.
The machine can be designed into 1~4 spindles to increase production capacity.
SYNTEC CNC Controller (Can be changed as per customer’s requirement)
Auto lubrication system.
Special custom-made requirements are welcomed
Introduction of Gundrilling Machine
Gundrilling, also known as deep hole drilling, is a process that produces deep, straight holes in a variety of materials. Holes depth-to-diameter ratio deeper than 20:1 generally require a dedicated gundrilling machine to achieve highest productivity and process reliability. The size, concentricity, surface roughness can be maintained precisely.
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