Bicycle Disc Brake Rotors

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Heat build-up in hydraulic brake pads, rotors and calipers is one of the critical causes of lost braking performance. Jagwire’s new 3-piece rotor design greatly reduces heat build-up by pulling heat away from the braking surface and dissipating it before it affects braking power. The key feature of these rotors are the integrated cooling fins. Made of aluminum to keep weight to a minimum, the addition of these fins reduces heat by pulling it away from the braking surface and quickly dissipating it before it can affect the caliper and brake pad. Lower temperatures = enhanced braking performance.
The high-quality, stainless steel machined braking surface ensures consistent stopping power and superior modulation
Lightweight, aluminum cooling fins pull heat away from the braking surface and quickly dissipate it before braking performance is affected
The spider design ensures compatibility with 6-bolt designs
3-Piece Rotor Construction
Stainless Steel Braking Surface
This high-quality stainless steel surface ensures powerful and consistent braking performance. Connected to the spider with six oversized rivets, the design resists warping and delivers quiet, durable, hard stopping performance.
Aluminum Cooling Fins
Six lightweight cooling fins pull heat away from the braking surface and dissipate it before the loss of braking performance caused by heat build-up in the pad or caliper.
6-Bolt Aluminum Spider
This sturdy, 6-bolt spider design adds structural strength while keeping weight to a minimum.
Vented Heat Management
Each of the six aluminum inserts is designed to pull heat away from the braking contact point. Air is then pulled through the vents dissipating the heat and reducing the risk of boiling the brake fluid or glazing the pad surface.
This heat management system sheds heat much faster than a standard steel rotor which results in more consistent, reliable braking performance even during extreme riding.
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