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Ansure A-Brake - A-Brake to ensure Brake safety
Ensure your riding safety during emergency situation.
Ansure A-Brake is an innovative breakthrough in technology using intelligent mechanical interactions to ensure your riding safety.
Ansure A-Brake with its reliable mechanism to guarantee to distribute braking force to both wheels with:
> The braking force is always applied to the rear wheel first then to the front wheel.
> Ensure more braking force is applied to rear wheel than the front wheel.
> Work as long as brake levers are applied (either left or right hand or both)
Ansure A-Brake provide right braking action to effectively reduce the probability of flip over / roll over / fish tail due to emergent hard braking situations.
Ansure A-Brake also ensure to improves traction on wet surface, gravels and muddy roads by use one hand to control braking force, the another hand can be used to maintain tracking control.
Ansure A-Brake can be used in conjunction with Ansure F-Brake to provide the most effective braking experience and ensure the safety of bicycle riders.
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